More about pomskywood

Life is Better with a Pomsky!

Here at PomskyWood, we are a husband and wife team that shares the love of pomskies. Everyday is started and ended with caring for each one of our precious babies. We have experience with breeding huskies since 2012 and now we have the honor of breeding pomskies since 2017. We look forward to many more years to come of healthy, cute puppies! 

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A Little More About Us

We are located in beautiful central Michigan, out in the quiet country where we reside with our amazing family and canine family. Everyday is a privilege to raise our pomsky babies. Each puppy we are blessed with is hand raised from day one until the day they go home to their new furever home. We give all our pups the love and attention they need to thrive and to become the best lifetime companion.  

Here is a little run down of the first 8 wks of a Pomskies Life

Week 1 ~  Our puppies are here. Our mamas are given royalty treatment after working so hard bringing these beautiful pups to us. Our puppies settle in and get the hang of nursing and staying cozy warm. They mostly eat and sleep as they are working hard on growing fast.

Week 2 ~ When the pups are 2 wks old they get their first deworming treatment. It tastes like vanilla pudding (so they say, we have never tried it lol). But anyways they take it like little champs. Any where between 10-14 days their little eyes start to open. Most of them have blue eyes. They usually stay blue but some change color as they get a little older. 

Week 3 ~ At about 3 1/2 wks of age we introduce the potty box. We like to get our puppies trained early on where the potty area is. Our potty box is filled with pellets to absorb the moisture. 

Week 4 ~ The puppies their first vaccine, called NeoPar to fight against parvo, they also receive their 2nd deworming treatment. We also start introducing a mushy gruel mixed with NuVet Supplement powder. 

Week 5 ~ Puppies work on learning to eat a little more on their own and start weaning away from mama. They have lots of play time with our kiddos which wear the little puppies out so nap time is soon to follow. 

Week 6 ~ Puppies get another deworming treatment as well as their 2nd vaccines and the big trip out to the vet office for healthy check ups. This is usually the first time our pups get introduced to riding in the vehicle. It ends up being a big day for the pups and they usually crash when we get home. 

Week 7~  Pups are big and running around playing and getting well socialized and pretty much weaned from mama. We work on just having fun and make sure each pup is eating well and taking the NuVet Supplement in the wafer form,  and getting potty training down. 

Week 8 ~ Pups are ready for their new forever homes. They get cuter and cuter the bigger they get. We are so blessed to start each pup out on the road to a healthy life.