our adult siberian huskies mamas and adult pomsky mamas!!

Sir Titan Wood


Titan is our fluffball of joy. He loves playing fetch and stealing treats. Car rides are his favorite as well as hanging out and loving on the kiddos.



Mercy is our beautiful husky who has brown eyes and the biggest heart of love! 

Mercy is one of our calmest girls who loves going for walks and sleeping in bed right on top of you. Her babies will have priceless temperaments!

Miss Suka


Suka is one of our adult siberian huskies and she is my baby, she is also the best mama to her babies. She has bright blue eyes and a heart of gold. She is loyal to our family and we will cherish her as a loyal family member!

Sandy ~ F1 Pomsky


Sandy is one of our F1 adult pomskies. She loves to be right beside you and loves her hamburger order at the McDonalds drive thru. She has bright blue eyes and love to go around for everyone!

Miss Gracie


Miss Gracie is our tender loving, easy going gal. Not much rocks her boat. She is always loaded with tender kisses and ready for the outdoors whenever we are. We are blessed to have her here!

Miss Brandi


Miss Brandi is my girl who is always ready for the fun. She is our bright and early girl in the morning with no coffee needed. We love our Brandi and life would be so boring without her, 

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